T&L 2900: Reading Recovery: Creating a Pandemic of Reading Joy

Trained Reading Recovery teachers will explore topics specific to Reading Recovery lessons and reading interventions. Emphasis will given to effective instruction during a pandemic (i.e. using technology to teach reading in a 1:1 and small group format). Teachers will have 10 hours of reading/watching and responding, followed by 20 contact hours face to face or via GoogleMeet (10 -two hour sessions).


  • SeeSaw as a Tool to Reach Families
  • Effective use of GoogleMeet for 1:1 lessons
  • Screencastify for Teaching Reading
  • English Learners in Reading Recovery
  • Exploring the Influence of Auditory Input During Reading
  • What to Teach: Supporting Strategic Processing at the Earliest Levels
  • Learning Letter Sound Relationships: Evidence and Practice
  • Wonderfully Disruptive Messages from Reading Recovery
  • Continue Sailing in a New Direction: RRTs as Literacy Leaders

Available Sessions