T&L 2900: VIR: Research Insights to Some African American Student Experiences

Every environment students encounter, be it home, school, or the community, shapes their growth and development. Most schools in today's educational climate, despite continued discussion on the necessity of multicultural awareness, are still oriented toward a Eurocentric ideal. Curricula that work for white students do not necessarily support the education of non-white learners, and African American students, immersed in an environment that dismisses and devalues their culture, can absorb these negative perceptions. This, in turn, affects their academic achievement. This course calls for educators to rethink the dominant culture and values of our educational system and the ways in which we support African American students. You will explore the differences between standard English and African American English Vernacular (Ebonics), the unique challenges faced by African American students attempting to navigate a Eurocentric society, the lasting effects of unacknowledged culture and lowered self-esteem, and how to nurture respect and cultural identity for all students.

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