T&L 2900: VIR: Technology-Infused Discussion Groups: Digital Tools to Enhance Student Discourse

Student-led discussion groups epitomize student-centered, collaborative learning in all content areas, and when infused with technology, the learning experience is transformed! Join in a discovery of web-based applications including Flipgrid, Padlet, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Seesaw, Recap and TodaysMeet. Learn how these applications and platforms enhance the discussion group experience for students AND teachers. This course will show educators how technology can be used to empower students by exposing them to a variety of web-based applications that can be easily deployed in any classroom. With these digital tools, students can easily collaborate with their peers, share work with authentic audiences and create content in a 21st learning environment. Additionally, it will demonstrate how to design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments in order to transform the learning culture in their own schools and classrooms. Authentic examples will be shared so that all educators can come away with ready-to-use activities and resources.

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