EDL 2900: Go See The Principal (Book Study)

"Go See the Principal" offers comic relief, inspiration, and advice to those who need it the most.

  • Part 1: Before the Bell Rings: Setting Up Teachers, Parents and Administrators for a great year
  • Part 2: Class is in Session: How administrators and parents can let teachers teach
  • Part 3: Meals, snacks and other delicious things
  • Part 4: Specials: Others ways kids learn
  • Part 5: The Principals Office: What makes it run and what drives us crazy.
  • Part 6: Notes Home: Strengthening the parent/teacher connection
  • Part 7: Extracurriculars: Fun at school
  • Part 8: Code of Conduct-for grownups
  • Part 9: Extra Credit: Lessons for life and school

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