Course Detail: CE-0823 - Working at Heights

This course is offered in cooperation with Relyon Nutec under their GWO approval.

The objectives of this course are for students to be able to demonstrate:

  • knowledge of hazards and risks associated with working at heights, specific to a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) 

  • understanding of current national legislation regarding working at heights. 

  • correct identification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including identification of US, European/Global standard markings e.g. harness, hard hat, lanyards, etc. 

  • the knowledge and skills to correctly inspect, service, store and don the relevant PPE, e.g. harness, lanyards, fall arresters and work positioning equipment.  

  • correct use of the relevant PPE, e.g. harnesses lanyards, fall arresters and work positioning equipment. This includes correct identification of anchor points and correct ladder conduct. 

  • correct use of evacuation devices. 

  • how to approach rescue situations in WTGs and use rescue equipment efficiently.

Students will be weighed at the beginning of class to ensure that they do not exceed the rated limit of the fall protection gear.  The student's weight without climbing or fall arrest gear may not exceed 275lbs (124.7 Kg).


Students must complete a medical self-certification form verifying that they are physically able to complete the course.



Students should wear comfortable work clothes with sturdy shoes (Steel toes not required).  Students are requested to bring safety glasses and "mechanix" style gloves are strongly recommended.

You MUST have a WINDA ID to register for this class.  Create your WINDA ID if you do not have one.

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