The NC NTSP provides support for beginning teachers during their first three years of teaching.

Leadershipplanning retreat: 

Planning discussions around summer coach assignments, PD for 2019-20 to supportcoaching framework, data examination, and other topics to be determined.  

June 3-4, 2019, Embassy Suites Greensboro Airport

Strong literacy skills are critical for learning, yet too many students across the nation experience difficulty learning to read.  In North Carolina, for instance, only 39% of fourth graders and 33% of eighth graders are considered proficient readers on the National Assessment of Education Progress; more than a quarter of these students (26% and 31% respectively) read below the basic level of achievement (National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2018).

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We are in the midst of preparing for the 10th Annual ECU Gifted Education Conference held in Greenville, North Carolina, and we would like to invite you to participate as a vendor at our conference. For the past nine years we've hosted sold out conferences and we look forward to continuing that tradition this year.

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As part of our Quality Enhancement Plan and our mission to serve the people of eastern North Carolina, East Carolina University is pleased to provide a venue for K-12, community college, and college/university educators to explore the teaching of writing across institutional boundaries. We envision the symposium providing a space for engaged, locally specific conversations and for the development of practical instructional resources.

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The NC NTSP is a comprehensive induction program offering a research-based curriculum and multiple services designed to increase teacher effectiveness, enhance skills, and reduce attrition among beginning teachers.