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Spend the afternoon tasting and exploring different beer styles. Award winning homebrewer, Steve Brainerd, will guide you through the tour and teach you about what makes each style unique
Join BJCP Grand Master III Beer Judge and 2011 National Homebrewer of the Year, Randy Scorby, to learn about flavors in beer, including off flavors and how to prevent them in your own brewing.
Practice your beer sensory skills while enhancing your knowledge of the history of beer and beer styles. In this class, students will experience how a pint of beer encompasses thousands of years of history, distilled into the present moment.
Learn the basics of brewing beer using the extract brewing process that will rival the local micro brews of the Northwest. Class will discuss the process and supplies necessary for home brewing as well as flavor, food pairing and more. Bring $15 materials fee.
This hands-on, fun, and interactive class will introduce students to the fundamentals of bartending. Topics discussed in this class will include the process of distilling, the brief history & characteristics that differentiate each distilled spirit, and much more! Students must 21 years of age or older and bring ID.
Get ready to mix behind the bar! Learn how to make popular traditional and modern cocktails. Students must 21 years of age or older and bring ID.
Are you about to begin a job in the food service industry? Would you like to volunteer at one of Central Oregon's many fun outdoor entertainment venues? Did you know that Oregon law requires you have an Oregon Alcohol Service Permit to mix, serve, or sell alcohol in the state of Oregon?
This hands-on class is geared towards intermediate to advanced all-grain homebrewers and will focus on how to brew great beer using malt, hops, and yeast grown in Oregon. Learn sensory evaluation of raw ingredients and finished product as well as important details of the brewing process to make "clean" tasty beers.
Join COCC Board Member, Laura Craska-Cooper for an evening of wine tasting and appreciation. Laura will share her passion for wine and help you become an informed wine shopper and consumer! This course is designed for those who like wine and want to know more about it, and for those who would like to enjoy wine and just don't know where to begin.