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Course Detail: Culinary Inservice for High School Educators
Enjoy Summer 2017 at the Cascade Culinary Institute, gaining professional development experience while basking in the Central Oregon sunshine. Join Chef David Trask for four days of hands-on culinary skill development as you explore a variety of international cuisines. Day 1: Discover traditional charcuterie - learn how it is made, review artisanal varieties and explore its resurgence in popularity. Create two different fresh sausages - Italian mild and German Bratwurst. Class will conclude with Grill Bratwurst, German Potato Salad and Blaukraut. Day 2: Wood-Fired Pizza - Help christen the Cascade Culinary Institute's wood stone pizza oven while exploring regional differences in Italian pizza and what makes them unique to an area. Then dine al fresco on the patio. Day 3: Bagels, Bialy and Brioche - Chef Laura Hagen and Chef Thor Erickson will lead you through the confusing and sometime contradictory world of bagels and its Polish cousin the Bialy. Day 4: A follow up to Day 3 with the addition of buttery brioche with the traditional tete de brioche and brioches pullman loaves utilizing the sponge method of rich yeast dough production. Expect to be at the Cascade Culinary Institute each day from 7:30am-12:30pm with breakfast and lunch provided. Cost of the workshop also includes a CCI Chef Coat and an educational packet. Please bring your own Knife Kit.

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