Course Description: Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 Online Course

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to effectively use all theadvanced Excel features? In this practical and information-packed MicrosoftExcel training, you'll see how to truly maximize this program's functions andcapabilities. After all, most organizations rely heavily on Excel toconsolidate, analyze, and report data and want their employees to be proficientin this important program. This Excel training class gives you the skills youneed to impress your current or future employer-and its online format means youcan take this class from anywhere, at any time.

With exercises, quizzes, and all the latest information, thebest online Excel training is right here in this course. The lessons willsimplify some of those tricky Excel concepts that might seem hard to grasp, soyou can discover how Excel 2016 table tools actually take the complexity out ofspreadsheet creation and management. When you've completed this course, you'llbe able to accomplish just about everything Microsoft Excel has to offer indisplaying, analyzing, reporting, and tracking data-and you'll understand it sowell, you'll even be able to share your newfound skills with your friends andcolleagues.

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