Course Description: Mastering Digital Photography: Photographing People Online Course

Photographing people can be fun, exciting, and complicated!This course will make taking beautiful pictures of adults, children, and babiessimple. You will start with the basic principles you need to know in order tobecome a people photographer. You will discover the best way to shoot faces,fix common close-up problems, and use digital photo editing techniques toretouch your photos and make other improvements.

Then you will move onto portrait and formal group shots,where you will learn how to organize people, which angles to use, and which toavoid. You will become proficient in action photography, and you will learnsome fun, creative ways to photograph children and babies. You will even gainexpertise in filling your photographs with imagery, setting moods, and creatingthemes. This course will have you well on your way to becoming a skilled peoplephotographer.

Cost $115

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