Course Description: Generative Writing Workshop: What's in a Name?

Generative writing workshops provide time and space to create new work inspired by writing prompts, craft discussions, and sharing work. They stretch your writing practice by introducing new frameworks and forms, spark fresh ideas or dig up buried memories, and offer a place to share fellowship with other writers. Each session will explore a different theme through reading short pieces of writing, engaging in silent writing to suggested prompts, and sharing our raw, but often exciting, pieces with one another. Whether students attend one or several of these workshops, they will assemble a portfolio of project ideas and short works-in-progress. Writers of all levels, in all genres are welcome. Workshops are not progressive, so students can choose the session workshop topics that appeal to them or can attend all as part of a regular writing practice. In this session, "What's in a Name?", we will explore the power of names. Through a series of prompts about people's names, the names of things, and the names of places, we will investigate how naming can help writers with characterization, world-building, and description.

Available Dates

This course contains no sessions at this time.