Course Detail: Japanese Basics: Sushi & Norimaki Rolls
Learn to create your favorite Japanese dishes and sushi rolls in this hands-on class. Contrary to popular belief, sushi does not mean raw seafood. Instead, the word refers to the vinegared rice that is often paired with seafood (raw or cooked), vegetables and other ingredients. Norimaki is generally any sushi roll wrapped up in a seaweed sheet. Learn to wrap a variety of smoked or cooked seafood and some interesting vegetarian alternatives. Then discover how to roll a variety of rice, noodles, vegetables, prepared seafood and tofu with condiments in nori. You will become so comfortable at "rolling" your own creations in class that you will want to throw a sushi party for friends. Class will also prepare Easy Stir Fry, Wakame Cucumber Salad, and Kombu Dashi Miso Soup to enjoy! Bring, knife, apron and sushi mat.

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