Course Detail: Meatless Mondays for Meat Eaters
Discover how to create hearty vegetarian dishes that even diehard meat eaters will enjoy. Students will prepare nutritious and delicious easy meatless meals in this hands-on cooking class. Develop basic kitchen skills to use at home including knife skills and sharpening, kitchen shortcuts, using herbs and spices, proper cutting boards, and cooking skills. Tentative Menus - Week 1: Thai Rice Noodles with Broccoli and Mushrooms; Hot Tamale Pie; Spuds and Sprouts Casserole; Cheesy BBQ Baked Potatoes with Crunch Filling. Week 2: BBQ Bean and Corn Rice Burgers; Zucchini and Corn Stuffed Lasagna Rolls; Three Sisters Bean Stew; Coconut Ginger Yams and Swiss Chard. Menus will vary depending on time and availability of ingredients. Bring an apron and knife.

Available Sessions
This course contains no sessions at this time.