Course Detail: Spice it Up! Introduction to Indian Cuisine
Are you tired of serving up the same rotation of meals? Are you curious about the use of herbs and spices you see at the grocery store but have no idea how to use? Then this class is for you! Prepare and eat a vibrant array of vegetarian Indian dishes that are comforting and warming. Impress yourself and your dinner guests with the following recipes: Gobhi Pakode (crispy cauliflower fritters), Tarka Dal (lentil soup) with perfumed Jasmine rice, Kheera Raita (cucumber and yogurt salad), and a refreshing Mango Lassi (yogurt based smoothie). You will also be introduced to the ancient practice of "Ayurveda," where food is medicine. Bring an apron, sharp chef's knife and take-home containers.

Available Sessions