Course Detail: Intro to Culinary Techniques
Join Chef Candy Argondizza in a six-part culinary boot camp. Students will spend the first five weeks learning proper cooking techniques and basic culinary skills needed to be successful in the kitchen. In the sixth session, students will put their knowledge to the test as they prepare two dishes using mystery ingredients. Chef Candy and others in the culinary field will critique the dishes. This is a great way to build your skills while having fun. Please bring a sharp knife, apron, peeler and take home containers. See session resources online for course details. Course Resources:Week #1 -Sautéing - 3 hrsStudents will learn that high heat, minimal fat and the right cut equate to sautéing success. The menu for the first class will be a Hunter Style Chicken with sautéed spinach and Hasselback potatoes.Week #2 - Poaching - 3 hrsLearn how to poach a filet of fish using this moist heat method. The menu will include Poached Steelhead Trout served with a remoulade sauce and herbed rice pilaf.Week #3 - Grilling - 3 hrsStudents will learn the important of using a clean grill and how to control the heat to ensure proper grilling for meat, fish or vegetables. The menu for Week 3 will be Grilled Hanger Steak with a shallot rosemary compound butter, French fries and sautéed mushrooms.Week #4 - Roasting - 3 hrsStudents will explore an alternate dry heat method, typically used for larger cuts of meat or fish. Learn how to properly truss a chicken for the ultimate cooking and presentation experience. The menu will include the Perfect Roast Chicken with scalloped potatoes and roasted rainbow carrots.Week #5 - Braising - 4hrsDiscover the magic of braising using both dry and moist heat methods. Students will learn a classic preparation for the vegetables called "tournage." The final planned menu includes Braised Lamb Stew with fennel and prunes served with carrots, turnips and potatoes. Week #6 - Mystery Basket, "Chopped" exercise - 4 hrsThis is perfect opportunity to showcase your very own creative ideas, using the techniques you've learned in the classes and from your own experiences. Students will have 2.5 hours to create a dish using pantry goods and mystery ingredients. Each plate must include a protein, vegetable side dish and starch for a complete meal.Your dish will be judged on:·Presentation·Taste, seasoning·Utilization of product

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