Course Detail: Code 101: Explore Software Development

Is a career in programming really for you? Spend a Saturday with us to build your first web page and test your new skills to see if you enjoy the prospects and process of software development. Get a taste of the DevStation|COCC learning experience, find out how websites are built, and code a webpage yourself using industry-standard tools and professional coding practices.

At the end of this workshop, you will:
  • Understand the basics of what it means to be a professional software developer.
  • Understand how HTML and CSS work together to create the modern web.
  • Create a complete website.
  • Know how to deploy your website and be able to share your accomplishments with friends and family. Be able to identify whether a career in coding and the DevStation program is right for you.
  • The Modern Web
    • How the pieces work together
  • HTML
    • Structuring your information
    • Connecting web pages
    • Sharing your web site
  • CSS
    • Integrating style sheets
    • Modifying CSS styles
    • The Tech Industry
    • A typical day for a software developer Common job titles
    • The path to becoming a web or mobile developer

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