Course Detail: Be Financially Fit (Four Week Series)
Do you want to create a life free from financial stress and anxiety? Join Certified Financial Planner Matt Mormino for a series dedicated to setting a foundation of financial wellbeing. Over the course of four sessions, you will gain valuable knowledge and insight to help create your own path toward financial freedom. Upon completion, students will have the necessary tools to create a financial plan and prepare for life's important moments. This series will cover general budgeting for life, first-time parents, saving for college and caring for aging family members. Register for all four sessions and save money.

Week 1: Money Buckets - Any successful financial plan begins with the end in mind. Explore the foundation for setting goals and creating a system to achieve them. Using the bucket system, Matt will help you outline a plan for getting cash management aligned with your goals.

Week 2: First-time Parents - Parents of young children face unique and important challenges. The earlier the planning starts, the more success you will have. Learn how to prioritize and plan for this new reality: college savings, balancing retirement with living today, protecting your family, and much more.

Week 3: Saving for College - Saving for college is part of being a parent. Learn how to define specific goals for your family and child. Explore various funding vehicles that meet your needs and not the needs of a salesperson offering a fancy (and complicated) financial product.

Week 4: Caring for Aging Family - A growing reality for many is the need to care for an aging parent. Explore financial considerations around asset protection and day-to-day management along with facing the reality of what you can provide with what an aging parent desires.

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