Course Description: Growing Connection & Understanding in Relationships

Our lives, with all the stresses, can leave us feeling disconnected and alone. The relationships we seek refuge in can often be challenging. We get defensive or judgmental and say things that create distance and distress, not knowing how to create the connection and calm we yearn for. Navigating interpersonal relationship dynamics is key to our well-being, creating a sense of aliveness with others. In this class we deepen into awareness through our bodies. We will practice the essential tools to attune and communicate with others authentically through resonant language, which can foster understanding and connection. This reduces the time in distress and drama and instead creates more ease, clarity, and deeper interpersonal vibrancy. Join Beth Welton-Miller in the journey of growing kinder, more nourishing and consciously effective relationships with yourself and the important people in your life. If you have any questions about the class, please email Beth at

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