Course Detail: CE--LUXURYWINE - Luxury Wines Worth the Money
WSU wine educator and sommelier, Guy Bower, will present two classes on luxury wine. The first class will focus on white wines and the second class on reds. You will learn about each wine's special growing region or vineyard, production method and pedigree as well as what makes an expensive wine so pricey, all while sampling wines that may be slightly above your everyday wine budget. Take one classes or take both classes at a discounted rate. To get the discounted rate please enter promo code LUXURYWINE during the checkout process. You must be 21 years of age to enroll.

Prestige White Wine
Wines that will surprise and please you with their depth of flavor, finesse and quality. From rich and creamy to aromatic old world blends and crisp palate cleansing varieties, you'll taste some of the best wines available.

Opulent Red Wines
Wines from top growing regions around the world with the best grapes, vineyard practices and winemaker care. This class will enhance your high-end wine knowledge and spoil your taste buds.

Available Sessions