Course Detail: CE--CULINARY - Culinary Essentials: What Every Cook Needs to Know
Join us for this participatory class where you will learn the basics of food safety,preparation and storage as you prepare healthy and tasty dishes. Week 1: We will focus on kitchen safety basics including food and knife safety and sanitation.Week 2: The focus is on sauces. You will learn how to correctly prepare the five"mother" sauces known as béchamel, tomato, hollandaise, velouté and espagnole. Week 3: You will prepare delicious soups as well as learn how to fix common mistakes when preparing them. Week 4 is Healthy Alternatives. We will spend time talking about affordable options for preparing healthy yet tasty meals.

Lexie Dill, Culinary Arts Teacher, Derby High School

Cancellation Policy:
We will refund 100% of your registration fee if the class you wish to take is full or if the class is canceled. A student who withdraws a minimum of 24 hours prior to the first class will receive a registration refund less 15%. Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal. All withdrawals must be received in writing and postmarked prior to the first class meeting. No refunds will be issued after the first class meeting.

Available Sessions