Bridge over Troubled Waters: 1970s America

If "the past is prologue," the 1970s have a lot to teach us about today's world. Often viewed as "our strangest decade," the seventies have been neglected as an interlude between the exciting days of the 1960s social reforms and overseas adventures and the conservative backlash of the 1980s. The decade that gave us the yellow smiley face, pet rocks, gas lines and the polyester leisure suit. In hindsight, however, many of today's forces and events in politics, economics, culture and environment are echoes of the 1970s. Overseas retrenchment in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, public distrust of core institutions after political corruption revealed by impeachment, economic insecurity and challenges from abroad, gun violence and crime in major cities, protests related to the rising tide of ethnic and gender equality, increasing awareness of environmental pollution effects and an extraordinary and unpredicted spiritual fundamentalism, among a great many other issues of the 1970s, provide context for contemporary circumstances. Join us as we engage in what promises to be a free- wheeling discussion of the issues of the 1970s and their relevance for today.

Dr. John Dreifort, Professor of History, Wichita State University & Executive Secretary of the Wichita Committee on Foreign Policy
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