Instructor: AJ Williams

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AJ Williams is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a strong background in the non-profit sector and a passion for youth development and social impact. With a wealth of experience as a front-line worker, program coordinator, director, and deputy director in various non-profit organizations, AJ has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of young adults.

As a business owner and consultant, AJ has carved out a niche in equity, diversity, inclusion, and conflict management. They have successfully guided organizations and individuals in navigating complex issues, fostering inclusive environments, and promoting sustainable growth. AJ's ability to combine strategic thinking with practical solutions has earned them a reputation as a trusted advisor and facilitator.

With a drive to expand their impact and share their insights on a larger scale, AJ aspires to become a public figure in the self-development space. Through their expertise, passion for growth, and dedication to helping others unlock their potential, AJ aims to inspire individuals to lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to society.

Classes by this instructor

Advanced Strategies for Racial Equity within Nonprofits
This workshop provides advanced strategies for undoing institutional racism in the nonprofit sector while building a community of practitioners dedicated to this goal.
May 15-22, 2024, Zoom