Instructor: Heather McClung

Heather McClung
Biography: Heather McClung is currently the Director of Operations at Hale's Ales and was a founder of Schooner EXACT Brewing Company in Seattle starting in 2006. She created a brewery from the ground up. Interfaced with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. Developed business strategy based upon changing laws and market landscape. Generated and evolved systems for HR, inventory, bookkeeping, and accounts payable/receivables, Produced marketing materials including: websites; online and print media; and sales & promotional materials. Supervised sales, office, restaurant staff, distributor relations, and production flow. Created and oversaw professional development and incentive programs for staff and distributors. She was the President of the Washington Brewers Guild from 2010-2017 and represented the industry at national levels, including testifying in front of Congress. Lastly, she was also spent 4 years as a teacher with her Masters in Teaching from Seattle University.

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