Instructor: KJ Williams

No image available Biography: KJ Williams (no pronouns) is CEO and Founder of RISEWITHKJ, LLC (Radical, Insightful, Solutions to Create Equity). Under the RISE umbrella KJ facilitates the work of racial equity, inclusion and belonging, conflict management and executive coaching. RISEWITHKJ works with organizations, groups, and individuals across industries to develop the infrastructure necessary for change, sustainability, and growth.

KJ holds a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Washington and an MPA from Seattle University.  KJ has served as a member of the City of Seattle LGBT Commission, University of Washington School of Law Diversity Committee, the Board of Directors for the Initiative for Diversity, and the University of Washington School of Law GatesScholarship Committee. KJ recently completed Basic Mediation Training with the Center for Dialog and Resolution (formerly Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolutions) and is currently participating in the Certified Mediator Practicum.


  1. How to Help if You See Bias or Harassment on Trail: WTA (2021)
  2. The Building Blocks to Equality: Trial Magazine (2020)
  3. Silent No More: NWLawyer - WSBA (2019)
  4. When "N#gg!r"* Rise: NWSidebar (2017)
  5. Biased Missteps: How to Recover and Learn: WSBA (2016)
  6. Responding to Bias, Prejudice and Stereotypes: WSBA (2016)
  7. Learning from Orlando - Transforming a Culture of Violence: NWSidebar (2016)
  8. Inside Inclusion: NWLawyer (2015)
  9. A Movement Towards a Better Country: NWSidebar (2014)

Classes by this instructor

Advanced Strategies for Racial Equity within Nonprofits
This workshop provides advanced strategies for undoing institutional racism in the nonprofit sector while building a community of practitioners dedicated to this goal.
May 15-22, 2024, Zoom