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This highly interactive workshop is a deep dive into how to apply a racial equity lens to Project Management decision-making processes.

October 5-12, 2023, Zoom
Thursday, November 30, 2023, Zoom
Thursday, March 21, 2024, Zoom
This workshop provides advanced strategies for undoing institutional racism in the nonprofit sector while building a community of practitioners dedicated to this goal.

This course contains no sessions
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In this 2.5-hour workshop, participants will learn about how white dominant norms show up within Board structure and how to create practices for a more inclusive and equitable Board of Directors.

January 18-25, 2024, Zoom
Thursday, April 25, 2024, Zoom
In this 90-minute workshop, participants will take an honest look at DEI efforts that are falling short. They will unpack DEI methods build on quick fixes, explore more meaningful and sustainable strategies, and identify ways to pivot in response to failed DEI efforts.

Thursday, October 12, 2023, Zoom
Thursday, February 15, 2024, Zoom
Establishing community advisory boards (CABs) is a strategy in building a more equitable organization, while being held accountable to the communities most impacted by organizational practices. This 90-minute webinar is a space for organizational leaders to begin exploring the ways a CAB can further their agency's racial equity work.

Thursday, December 7, 2023, Zoom
If you've been wondering whether an equity team is right for your organization, this conversation is for you. This one-hour webinar will share a brief overview of how to build a foundation for a successful equity team launch, including the creation of an action plan.

Thursday, November 9, 2023, Zoom
This workshop provides an overview of the history and present state of those dynamics and provides for discussion of tools and practices that can advance the cause of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in-and through the work of-nonprofit organizations

This course contains no sessions
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