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This highly interactive, 3.5-hour workshop (.35 CEU) is a deep dive into how to apply a racial equity lens to Project Management decision-making processes.

Thursday, September 26, 2024, Zoom
Thursday, January 23, 2025, Zoom
Thursday, May 8, 2025, Zoom
This workshop provides advanced strategies for undoing institutional racism in the nonprofit sector while building a community of practitioners dedicated to this goal.

This course contains no sessions
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In this 90-minute workshop (.15 CEUs), participants will take an honest look at DEI efforts that are falling short. They will unpack DEI methods build on quick fixes, explore more meaningful and sustainable strategies, and identify ways to pivot in response to failed DEI efforts.

Wednesday, October 9, 2024, Zoom
Tuesday, April 1, 2025, Zoom
This workshop provides an overview of the history and present state of those dynamics and provides for discussion of tools and practices that can advance the cause of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in-and through the work of-nonprofit organizations

This course contains no sessions
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This 3.5-hr (.35 CEU) workshop centers how to approach intercultural interactions of all kinds with cultural humility, an approach unique from "cultural competencies." Participates will explore ways to build their own cultural humility and integrate it into an everyday practice.

January 9-16, 2025, Zoom
Tuesday, April 8, 2025, Zoom
In this 6-hr (.6 CEU) workshop, participants will investigate ways to use the data they already have (or could collect) to further equity and inclusion in their organization.

March 11-25, 2025, Zoom
April 15-22, 2025, Zoom
This 6-hour (.6 CEU) workshop provides an overview of the core principles and necessary strategies organizations need to ensure an equitable community engagement process. Participants will unpack engagement methods built on white supremacy culture and explore more meaningful, sustainable and equitable strategies.

January 22-29, 2025, Zoom