Course Detail: NP304 - Human Resource Development for Nonprofits


  • Gain a full understanding of a Mission, Vision, and Values and where the Human Resources Mission can support the organization.
  • Create the framework for a realistic MMV built for success.
  • Discuss HR's communication strategies and what this affects and entails with staff engagement and HR's approachability.
  • Review the key benefits of HR's consultation with all levels of leadership and staff.
  • Review Succession Planning, Training and Development, Recruitment Strategies and Hiring Processes and how all 4 sections are linked together.
  • Create a Recruitment Strategy to guide either your hiring managers or your HR Recruitment team. 
  • Discuss Hiring Processes such as Recruiting, Interviewing, and Onboarding and what policies are in place to ensure consistency.
  • Identify the implications of key federal and state laws and regulations that apply to various sized nonprofit organizations.
  • Review the purpose of Employee Handbooks and the laws that influence them and then create the framework for an employee handbook to guide an organization's policies and procedures.
  • Develop strategies for recruiting, training, motivating, rewarding and retaining volunteers
  • Develop orientation and training policies and procedures for onboarding volunteers based on interest and skills assessment, personal and professional goals, while also protecting the mission of the nonprofit
  • Communicate project goals and community impact achieved through engaging a volunteer corps; both internally and externally

Available Sessions