Course Detail: NP303 - Ethics in Nonprofit Leadership

This course aims to strengthen your commitment to ethical leadership and equip you with practical tools for navigating through ethical dilemmas commonly faced by nonprofit leaders. You will learn how important trust is to the viability of the nonprofit sector, and the critical role ethics plays in maintaining public trust. Through case study analysis, you will gain insight into current ethical issues and systemic challenges inherent in governing and managing a nonprofit organization. This course will introduce you to, and encourage you to adopt, myriad proactive strategies to ensure ethical governance, management and fundraising.

  • Discuss common ethical dilemmas faced by nonprofit organizations.
  • Identify how personal values and position authority impact ethical decision making.
  • Adopt or adapt policies, procedures, statements of principle, and other established tools to better position your organization for ethical decision-making and behavior. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to cultivate a culture of accountability, transparency, and inclusion.
  • Understand what constitutes a conflict of interest, and how to minimize conflicts of interest among staff, volunteers and board members.

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