Course Detail: NP302 - Performance Measurement for Nonprofits

The Performance Measurement course will introduce nonprofit professionals to current concepts in measurement systems designed to improve the performance of a nonprofit organization. Each participant will learn a framework for defining the intended impact of their organization and to identify outcomes and measures anchored to the intended impact.

Nonprofit organizations need to make informed decisions about their activities, both to keep activities relevant and to articulate their relevance to stakeholders. Collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data and experience are critical first steps toward informed action and decision-making. This section will introduce you to the basics of developing data collection methodologies designed to provide measurable evidence of intended outcomes and/or impact. Discover how to align, develop, collect and use meaningful measurement data to enhance and improve the work of your nonprofit organization.

The planning and evaluation session will build on the established concepts with a focus on developing a model of measurement that drives effective and meaningful progress toward impactful changes in your organization. Each participant will learn what it takes to build capacity for measuring and managing performance and will understand processes and tools that will guide decisions about what to measure and how to measure it.

Available Sessions