Course Detail: HR053 - Getting the Right People on the Bus: Effective Hiring Practices

Hiring well is critical to the success of teams and organizations. Yet doing so is complex and fraught with challenges that few managers outside of HR are trained to address. "Getting the Right People on the Bus" provides managers across any organization with a repeatable process and practical tools to make their hiring and onboarding practices more reliably effective. 

The focus of this half-day workshop is helping hiring managers hire more effectively and confidently. Following the proven, rigorous process covered in this course will make the most of a manager's time devoted to this essential and often overlooked responsibility. We'll cover all nine steps of the hiring process, from analyzing the position through developing behavior-based interview questions to making the job offer. Participants will also learn a straightforward onboarding process that will support newly hired employees in becoming full contributors in record time. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to 
  • Map out the hiring process from beginning to end 
  • Develop behavior-based questions probing the most critical dimensions of relevant candidate skills 
  • Master the steps for conducting effective interviews 
  • Identify the risks of bias in making selection decisions 
  • Create an effective onboarding process for new hires 

Content for "Getting the Right People on the Bus" is drawn from the chapters on effective hiring and onboarding in the instructor's handbook, The Manager's Everyday Toolbox (2020), a copy of which all participants will receive.

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