Course Detail: LD302 - Team Leadership

In today's work environment, guiding a group to achieve its goals goes beyond employee collaboration. High-performing teams require meaningful connections and developing strengths that complement each other. Team Leadership is designed to empower students to build exceptionally high-performing teams. Students will gain valuable insights, engage in meaningful dialogue, and work on hands-on applications, scenarios, and strategic analysis. 

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to 

  • Classify the characteristics of high-performance teams 
  • Identify their personality's relationship to building high-performance teams 
  • Recognize leadership presence, relationships, and chemistry 
  • Assess trust and leadership functions 
  • Describe the five dysfunctions of a team 
  • Compare and contrast the six types of workplace conflicts 
  • Apply coaching skills to facilitate individual and team development 
  • Create a Strategic Action Plan for Team Leadership

CEUs: 1.8
Contact Hours: 18

Available Sessions