Course Detail: DE057 - DEI and Data-Driven Decision Making

Your organization has committed to collecting and using data to guide their DEI policies and projects, but what does it take to actually do so?

In this six-hour workshop, participants will explore best practices for interpreting and using data to create more equity and inclusiveness in their organization. While many of these best practices are valid regardless of their application, this workshop will look at them through an equity lens and with an emphasis on their application within DEI efforts. Participants will discover the many benefits of this approach, such as when measuring DEI implementations and their success.

After this workshop, participants should be able to
  • Explain the difference between "data-driven" and "data-informed" DEI policies
  • Recognize and mitigate the impact of bias when interpreting and acting on data
  • Begin creating useful and impactful data-informed DEI policies
  • Check for "success" of efforts
CEUs: .6
Contact Hours: 6

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