Course Detail: LN052 - Webinar: Critical to Quality (CTQ) Trees

Critical to Quality (CTQ) requirements are those things most important to your customers. Whether you practice Lean Six Sigma, project management, or are just trying to run a business, identifying and meeting customer CTQ requirements is essential to success. Failing to do so can result in significant cost and operational issues like a damaged reputation, overcomplicated work tasks, rework, increased inventory/backlog, delayed services, and spikes in overtime. Customer feedback in its raw form is often too vague to strengthen your ability to meet their needs and lower your operational costs, though. This is where CTQ trees come into play.

CTQ trees help you to translate broad customer needs into specific, actionable, measurable performance requirements you can use to ensure delivery of high-quality services and products your customers actually want. The process of creating CTQ trees gives you a structure to review customer feedback and aligns your efforts towards maximum impact, while the final CTQ tree doubles as a useful communication tool within your organization.

After this webinar, you should be able to

  • Understand your role in and best practices for soliciting CTQs from customers
  • Build a basic CTQ tree with specific, actionable, and measurable requirements

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