Course Detail: FM305 - Fundraising Capstone Project

Research Project

This course offers the time and resources to research a fundraising topic of the student's choice to delve deeper into an area of interest.  The instructor, in class and one-on-one meetings between class sessions, will help you focus and hone your research with the end result being the creation of a 20 page paper and high level presentation of your topic to the class.  In this course, you will:

  • Research an in-depth knowledge on a topic of your choice.
  • Apply skills learned in the program to a professional paper and presentation.
  • Make a connection with a fundraising expert in the community.
  • Synthesize information into a short presentation.
  • Learn from the research of your peers.

This course is available in Spring 2021 ONLY and successful completion of all other certificate courses is required.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Intro to Fundraising
(required) Fundraising Major & Planned Gifts
(required) Fundraising Writing
(required) Fundraising Development MGMT

Available Sessions