Course Detail: CB201 - Fundamentals of Commercial Brewing

Course Description

The Fundamentals of Commercial Brewing will introduce you to the world of commercial brewing. You will be exposed to the equipment, processes and technologies that professional brewers use currently to manage and run breweries of varying sizes. Hands-on brewing sessions are included of the curriculum for context, however, the primary focus will remain on production management and brewery material flow.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Outline the major steps included in a typical brewing process
  • Identify and articulate the major pieces of equipment used in a typical brewery
  • Read and effectively analyze a quote from a brewery equipment manufacturer
  • Identify the cause of possible production pinch-points and associated potential solutions

Classes will involve travel to different brewery locations throughout South Puget Sound for "field trips" to see different operational set-ups.

Content is geared to industry professionals who want to make that leap to becoming a head brewer or those interested in building out their own brewery.

Available Sessions