Course Detail: PH201 - Master Class in Photography Business

This program prepares the modern photographer to enter the complex and exciting world of entrepreneurship. The course will cover aspects of many photographic disciplines, including portrait, wedding, advertising, photojournalism, fine art and more. The emphasis will be In-Person Sales (IPS), working with people and honing your portrait vision. 

The goal of this program is to help you clearly define and improve your personal style, enhance creative skills, as well as study proven successful business practices. By combining the craft of photography with business acumen, use proven strategies to achieve financial success pursuing your passion.  

  • Develop the creative insight to explore and improve one's photographic vision
  • Learn and explore the basic professional foundation to build a successful business 
  • Provide first hand experience with one-on-one marketing and sales role-playing
  • Create a complete collection of at least a dozen images to reflect the growth of one's creative vision.
  • Submission of portfolio for review before registration confirmation.
  • Please contact us at for more information
  • Students should have acquired a clear and complete understanding of the fundamentals of your camera and lighting. 
  • DSLR camera and appropriate lenses, a tripod, Speedlight (or similar) flash, and some light modifiers will be used but will not be provided.


Available Sessions