Course Detail: P_CONRESOL - Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders: Lessons from Mediation

While conflicts are inevitable, anger, holding grudges, hurt, and blame are not.  Conflict resolution can be a growth opportunity.  With the right tools and frame of mind, you can resolve conflicts in a way that benefits everyone involved.  Once people understand conflict and how to more effectively manage it, fear and avoidance can disappear, while personal growth and productivity expand. This workshop covers more productive conflict resolution techniques, starting with how to identify your own conflict reaction style through creating conflict solutions that all parties can support.  The approach calls for conflict to be viewed as a unique problem solving opportunity in which a variety of tools can help maintain that focus. This course is helpful for anyone interested in self-assessment and improvements in his/her conflict resolution skills; managers, supervisors, and human resource managers who need to be able to both model and facilitate conflict resolution between others.

After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify what causes interpersonal conflict
  • view conflict as constructive, rather than destructive
  • understand different conflict reaction styles . . . fighting, smoothing, avoiding, bargaining, and problem solving
  • identify your own and others' conflict reaction styles
  • turn each style into a more productive problem solving situation
  • use an 8-step approach to constructively resolve conflicts
  • set conflict resolution ground rules
  • use effective communication skills that display and enhance mutual trust and respect
  • give constructive feedback
  • reduce defensiveness and break the defensiveness chain
  • eliminate negative attitudes during conflicts
  • use what you have learned to resolve your own conflicts to mediate others

 Session Detail:  PP1217CONRESOL (23 seats (96%) remaining)
Schedule: Every day, starting on 12/07/17 and ending on 12/08/17
Times: 08:30am - 04:30pm
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Price: Conflict Resolution Skill Reg Fee : $470.00

Name Additional Resources
Diane Kenty
Diane Kenty
Biography: Diane Kenty Esq., is director of the court ADR program for the Maine trial courts, where she administers and serves on all statewide ADR rosters. She has mediated hundreds of cases over the last 15 years in a wide range of disputes, including commercial, family and divorce, small claims and community conflicts. Diane speaks and writes about mediation frequently and teaches the ADR survey course as adjunct faculty at Maine Law School. Formerly an attorney in private practice in Boston, she has volunteered as a consultant on mediation to the courts of Jordan and Odessa, Ukraine. Diane  Kenty
William Logue
William Logue
Biography: William Devane Logue ("Bill") teaches Negotiation and Representation in Mediation and is a Senior Fellow and Director of Training Programs at the Quinnipiac Law School Center on Dispute Resolution. He is lead faculty for the Center's 40?hour mediation training. He contributed three chapters to the Mediation Practice Book published in 2001 by the Connecticut Bar Association and Quinnipiac Law School.Logue has been a mediator, facilitator, consensus builder, trainer and consultant since 1986. He mediates employment, workplace, commercial, construction, environmental, and other matters. Logue has led public policy consensus building work and facilitation on environmental, nuclear and hazardous waste, transportation and human service issues throughout the northeast. He has designed and led conflict resolution training programs for numerous organizations in the public and private sector. Logue is past chair of the Connecticut Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and past co?chair of the Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution in the Courts. Logue is also a past president of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution. He has been appointed as a panelist on several state and federal neutral panels. In 2015 he received the Honorable Robert C. Zampano Award for Excellence in mediation. William  Logue

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Abromson Center, Room 216
88 Bedford St
Portland, ME 04101

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