Course Detail: O_OLDCO - From the Old Country, 1: Colonial Times to the 1920s Immigration-Restriction Laws

We will examine the major waves of immigration, why peoples left their homelands ("Push Factors"), why they came to America ("Pull Factors"), how they adapted to life in America, and how America adapted to them. This is a two-semester course, taught by John Sutherland in the fall and by Kathleen Sutherland in the spring. Kathleen will bring the subject up to the present. Suggested book: Coming to America, Roger Daniels, ISBN 9780060505776.

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Schedule: Every week on Thursday, starting on 09/14/17 and ending on 11/02/17
Times: 09:30am - 11:30am
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John Sutherland
John Sutherland
Biography: John Sutherland is a University of Maine graduate who received a PhD from Temple University. He is Emeritus Professor of History at Manchester (Conn.) Community College and also taught at the University of Connecticut and Eastern and Central Connecticut Universities. He co-authored the book. From the Old Country: An Oral History of European Migration to America. No image available

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Wishcamper Center
44 Bedford St.
Portland, ME 04101