Instructor: Kamal Hans

Kamal Hans
Biography: Kamal Hans believes people are capable of incredible things if they have the support they need. He is at his best when he gets to provide support, build the system, and advocate for others to achieve their goals. As an Agile Coach and disciplined facilitator, he has worked with global organizations like Ericsson, LGE, Kronos, Bose, Vistaprint, and Pegasystems where he had coached Development, Data, Operations, and Marketing teams to higher levels of agile maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization.A skilled leader and a successful motivator who thrives on challenging opportunities that require broad technical expertise, team development, and expanding scaling expertise into new areas. Hands-on results-driven strategic Agile Transformation leader and technologist with more than 20 years of highly enriching work experience and extensive track record of successfully leading technical product management, scaling product-based organizations, and creating relentless improvement culture in globally renowned firms and entrepreneurial ventures.Specialties: Scaling High performing teams, Agile/Lean Product Development, Qualitative Market Research, Customer Insight, Data Analysis, System Verification, TCP/IP, 3G (EVDO) and 4G/LTE wireless technologies wireless products, Cell Site Optimization

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Organizational agility is a differentiator in today's rapidly changing business environment. As businesses seek to become more responsive to customer needs, designing solutions faster than ever before, HR must become a proactive driver of change and cultural transformation. Agile is a mindset and a way of working - while it has its roots in software development, where you might hear of methodologies like Scrum or Kanban, the basic values and principles of agile can be applied to any type of work. Some of these key principles include delivering value in small increments, face to face collaboration, and continuous learning. This course will help you understand the changing dynamics in today's world and new concepts that can be applied for HR Transformation to harness agility.
December 7-8, 2022, Online

Contact Hrs/CEUs: 7/0.7 

 Marketing is undergoing significant disruption, and it has evolved from one-directional messaging to a two-way conversation. Lean-Agile Marketing helps 

marketers build a healthier funnel and contribute more revenue by creating a connection between brands and customers. And the benefits we get are improved time to market, quality, and impact of marketing campaigns.

This class introduces the concept of Lean-Agile Marketing and how to become agile and deliver marketing success. You will learn how you can be adaptive, collaborative, and iterative in your marketing approach. The workshop focus will be on the values of Agile Marketing and understand the benefits of adopting an Agile approach to marketing, sales, human resources, product management, and project management functions for your organization.


Online classes will be interactive and include a mix of pre-work assignments and live-online class discussions. You may participate in active dialogue, reflection, explore real-life scenarios, or group activities to demonstrate your understanding and share meaning. Come prepared to engage and explore new ways of learning and relationship-building.     


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September 15-16, 2022, Online