Instructor: Parivash Rohani

No image available Biography: Parivash Rohani left Iran and fled to India in 1979 due to religious persecution. She arrived in the United States in 1986 as an immigrant.Professionally, she is an ICU registered nurse. She has been involvedwith many humanitarian, environmental, and interfaith projects. Her involvement in the International human rights campaign "Education IsNot A Crime" is due to her firm conviction that change happensorganically at the grassroots level, and justice demands universal participation. 

Parivash believes it is our moral obligation to be involved in social activities and participate in the prevalent discourse of society. She volunteers for the League of woman voters, Women suffrage Team, Portland family promise, free clinic, Portland Park Conservancy, and Portland climate action team. She volunteered to empower immigrant women and was regional Olympia snow advisor for a couple of years. She was the recipient of the trailblazer award in 2017.

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