Instructor: Jennifer Frick
No image available Biography: Jennifer Frick has danced informally her whole life and has been a student and a co-teacher in the line dance class for four sessions.

Classes by this instructor

This ongoing, participatory dance class draws from the dances of many cultures - traditional American Country/Western using contemporary C/W and pop music, Greek circle dances, Brazilian samba, tango, rhumba, Spanish cha-cha, and the Shim Sham jazz line dance from Harlem. Not all of these are taught every semester. Prior dance experience is not necessary, but ability to comfortably walk two miles at a decent pace is strongly recommended. This class includes a mix of new dances as well as dances taught in previous sessions.

September 14, 2017 to November 2, 2017, Wishcamper Center, Room 102 (2 seats (6%) remaining)