Instructor: Robert Kenney

Robert Kenney
Biography: Bob Kenney, Ph.D. is President of Partners Through Training in Richmond, Virginia. Since 1993, Bob has worked nationally and internationally with people looking to develop practical business skills in leadership, management, and team development. His clients include businesses in the areas of manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, insurance and banking, in addition to education, nonprofits, and government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. In addition to USM, Bob has partnered with nineteen additional centers for continuing and executive education, such as Duke University; and the Universities of North Carolina, Virginia, Richmond, Pittsburgh, and Maine. Bob is an honorary native of Maine and earned a doctorate in social and organizational psychology.

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Learn techniques for improving influence skills, whether influencing an audience of 1 or 100, by structuring influential messages so that others will understand them and be more willing to consider them. Influence is at the heart of most professions. Increasing others' buy-in and commitment to ideas, suggestions, and directives is important to success at work. This workshop is designed to help participants assess how to build relationships and communicate their ideas to others with credibility, confidence, and clarity.


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November 7-21, 2024, Online