Course Detail: P_AGILECOACHING_ONLINE - Agile Coaching and Leadership - Online

Contact Hrs/CEUs: 7/0.7

This training program focuses on both the areas of "being agile" and "doing agile" of Agile Coaching and Leadership. This highly interactive workshop makes ample use of discussions and exercises to help participants hone essential coaching skills like self-awareness, coaching stance, mentoring, facilitation, active listening, powerful questioning and coaching for action.

The course explores real-world scenarios/situations and challenges and helps participants devise powerful solutions to them. It will help the learner differentiate between and among teaching, mentoring, facilitating, consulting, and coaching, and will help them gain the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution.

Learning Objectives

  • The various roles, skill sets and disciplines of an Agile coach - coaching, facilitating, mentoring, teaching and how to develop "your style," moving in and out of those stances while remaining flexible, open and confident.

  • The philosophy behind servant leadership and practices and techniques to enable you to become a true servant leader; putting the needs of others first to facilitate the development of high-performance teams.

  • Agile Coach thinking - the mindset shift necessary to help you, and others, focus on team improvement, value-driven delivery, and leveraging constraints while living in the present moment, staying curious, innovative and having fun.

  • Ways to establish mutual trust allowing you to create a safe, supportive environment in which your team can excel.

  • Active listening and powerful questioning techniques used to leverage your ability to focus on what is being said and maximizing communication and collaboration through seeking and receiving information.

  • Agile Coaching Competency Framework

  • Leadership Agility Framework


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for scrum masters, project managers, program managers, scrum team members, and anyone interested in further developing their coaching and leadership skills.

For Individuals interested in a deeper understanding of Agile frameworks and practices, there are 4 additional Agile workshops that can be taken individually. This course is part of the Certificate Program in Agile Leadership and Process Improvement and can be combined with other Agile courses to complete the certificate.


The registration fee includes all materials.

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