Course Detail: P_WHATSTYLE - What's My Style

Do you ever wonder why some people are so stuck on numbers or budgets? Conversely, are you ever frustrated because people don’t take their budgets seriously? Are you confused when people value rules and regulations over individual needs? Or are you concerned that others don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the business we are in?

Using a skills assessment, you will identify your interpersonal strengths and preferred behavioral style.  You'll also examine how different styles affect others, whether they are employees, peers or managers.  As a result, you'll have an increased understanding of the motivations and behaviors of yourself and others. Learn how to identify and work with people with different styles, reduce conflict, match rewards to motivation, improve teamwork and increase productivity.

At the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Identify your preferred behavioral style.
  • Understand outward behaviors and underlying motivations.
  • Describe four different styles and characteristics of each.

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