Course Detail: P_TOTALREWARDS - Total Rewards: Compensation and Benefit Strategy

Workshop Description:
This 3 day, 15 hour, workshop will provide the foundation for an HR professional to understand the concepts of Total Rewards. We will discuss the basics of developing a strategy and tactics for implementation of the key elements of the strategy. The course will cover compensation and benefit implications into the Total Rewards environment, as well as the intangible items (PTO, Leave policies, culture, etc.) that could/should be included in the Total Reward strategy.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand and use the concepts of Total Rewards.
  • Ability to discuss concepts and tactics of Total Rewards with other company leaders.
  • Develop a basic Total Reward strategy appropriate for your company, including a high level tactical plan for implementation.
  • A firm grasp of all the elements of a Total Rewards package that companies may offer employees.
  • Begin to grasp the link between company performance, people performance, and the Total Reward value proposition.
Class Summary:
  1. Understanding and getting used to Total Rewards. What is it? How is it used? Why is it used? What are the elements of a Total Rewards Strategy?
  2. Compensation and benefit system design.
    • Philosophy
    • Key stakeholders
    • What is needed.
  3. Developing a Total Reward strategy
    • Implementation plan
    • Communication plan
    • Monitoring and maintenance plan
Who Should Attend:

The course is designed for new to intermediate Human Resource professionals that want to broaden their knowledge of this topic. It is also of interest to non HR professionals that may have an interest in getting into the HR world, or other office leaders/professionals that may have some HR responsibilities.

Registration fees includes all materials and parking fees. Morning coffee will be provided, please bring your own lunch.

This course will be delivered in person on the Portland campus.

Available Sessions