Course Detail: P_CONRESOL - Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders: Lessons from Mediation

This two-day interactive workshop will cover conflict management techniques and the basic structure of informal mediation for coaching your team through conflict between co-workers or with other teams, divisions, or clients. The presenters, Diane Kenty and William Logue, have decades of experience as mediators.

Managers can spend 25-40% of their time resolving conflict. No matter where you are in an organization, you will be called upon to help teams, colleagues, customers, and even business partners address divisive issues before they fester and damage good working relationships.

Effective leaders need to manage the inevitable conflict that arises in a fast-paced environment. By identifying problems early and reducing stress, you can foster better teamwork, boost productivity, and build greater organizational effectiveness.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and frame issues for constructive discussion
  • How to use communication skills and interests to brainstorm possible solutions and build agreement
  • How to assess and engage in conflict constructively;
  • How to help air emotions and lower defensiveness; and
  • How to mediate in the moment (5-minute mediator).


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