Course Detail: P_BRANDDEVELOPMENT - Brand Development and Management

Contact Hrs/CEUs: 7/0.7

We often think of branding as a logo or a name and the responsibility of the organization's marketing department.  Actually, it is the responsibility of all employees - how we interact with customers, answer the phone, manage our facilities, engage employees and, of course, present our product or service. 

Especially in this era of social media, the customer actually has more control over our brand than we do!  So how do we manage our brand?  We will look into how brands are developed and managed, and when updating the brand or complete re-branding is needed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand that a brand is a relationship and not a "thing"

  • Review the stages of brand development and their importance

  • Discuss how to motivate your employees to be positive brand ambassadors

  • Observe and examine competitive products and the importance of branding

  • Recognize that each of us has our own brand and its importance

Who Should Attend??

This workshop is for anyone who wants to develop and participate in the long-term success of an organization. Whether you are the employee of a for-profit or non-profit business, a new business owner, or an entrepreneur you will need to learn how to brand yourself and your work to reflect the vision of your business.

The registration fee includes all materials.


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