Course Detail: C_TUNNELBOOKS - Tunnel Books with Andrea Dezso

Contact Hrs/CEUs: 6/0

When popped open tunnel books reveal miniature, multi-layered worlds viewers can peek into as into dioramas. Structurally, tunnel books belong in the same family as carousel books and toy theaters and were extremely popular during the Victorian era. In this class students will create a fully developed one-of-a-kind artists book of their own design, based on a four-layer, hand-cut and assembled single scene tunnel book developed by Dezs÷ using either a subtractive (paper cutting), an additive (collage) method or a mix of the two.

Students will learn to rapid prototype by first creating a tunnel book model to understand the form, followed by creating their fully developed books. Students will be encouraged to consider composition, layering, materials, and to treat form and content as an interdependent whole as they create their one-of-a-kind tunnel books.

All levels welcome.

Workshop Materials:

Self-healing cutting mat
XACTO knife or Olfa utility knife
UHU glue stick or double-sided tape or glue dots or other non-liquid glue
Graphite pencil and pencil sharpener
Straight ruler and right angle triangle ruler
Bone folder
OPTIONAL: students may bring their own preferred collage materials, color pencils, markers, etc.
Lunch (there will be time for lunch) you may want to bring your lunch, there is nowhere on campus to buy lunch on Saturdays.

Available Sessions