Instructor: Jennifer Leavy


Jennifer Leavy, a certified yoga teacher and practicing yoga therapist, owns Pose by Pose Yoga. She was an apprentice of Sara Devi and Vaz Rogbeck, popular yoga teachers at OLLI-USF from 2001 to 2011.

Classes by this instructor

Learn to align gentle movements with your breath, aiding flexibility, balance, stress relief and relaxation. Participants will become familiar with poses and simple stretches that can be incorporated into daily life. The course includes breathing and meditation techniques that support all areas of the body and contribute to a better night's sleep. All yoga equipment will be provided.
Come to a peaceful, comfortable studio where you will learn to integrate yoga into your wellness routine. We will build on your past yoga experience by addressing your individual questions and incorporating your goals into the overall program. Our focus will be on standing posture and moving from one posture to another. Stretch, breathe and meditate your way to increased health!