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The 21st Century Leader's Toolkit

The 21st Century Leader's Toolkit will provide key foundational skills and knowledge to successfully navigate and progress in today's digitally-focused global-minded corporate environment. Those who stand out the most in today's quickly changing progressive world are those who have created and effectively marketed a consistent and polished virtual brand for themselves. This course will examine the components of an effective virtual brand and help you develop and implement your own. The ability to build rapport without in-person interaction is another absolutely essential skill you must master in today's workplace. You'll learn best practices for sharing information and collaborating virtually in this course, as well as gain an understanding of the digital tools that exist to help execute in this arena. Finally, you'll gain an understanding of how and why diversity & inclusion considerations are top of mind when it comes to savvy business strategy and execution.

Through relevant case study discussions and analysis of current trends in the workplace, this course will arm you with key tools for use as a player in today's electronic-centric workforce. You'll walk away with significant additions to your arsenal of tools as an effective 21st Century Leader.