Course Detail: BTEC691 - CELL AND GENE THERAPY (BTEC 691)

This course builds on general interest in the cutting-edge realms of pharma, specifically cell and gene therapies. Students will explore the new age of digital medicines, personalized medicines, single treatment (one and done) therapies and the requirements put upon the innovators and manufacturers of these products. 

Course topics include:
  • Recognize the development of the industry and the potential of advanced therapies specifically cell and gene therapies.
  • Understand the regulatory landscape for the approval of cell and gene therapies
  • Comprehend the differences in the types of therapies and how they are administered
  • Keep up with the current thousand plus companies that are in pursuit of cell and gene therapies
  • Understand the ethical and societal implications of technologies and methods deployed int cell and gene therapies
This course is not limited to UMBC students and is open to the general public. This course is offered in our Live Online Synchronous format.  All lectures will be recorded to accommodate international students and professionals with challenging schedules.

Students taking the course on a non-credit basis are not required to submit the various course assignments, although they are encouraged to do so. Non-credit students must attend 85% of the classes (13 sessions) in order to receive the continuing education certificate.

This course is listed as BTEC 691 SPECIAL TOPICS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY in the UMBC Course Catalog.

 Session Detail: 2228CERTBTEC691P201

Schedule: Every week on Wednesday and Thursday, starting on 09/01/22 and ending on 12/15/22
Times: 06:00pm - 08:45pm
REGULAR PRICE : $1500.00

Facility Detail

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